Friday, March 18, 2011

The Marker Cap Color Wheel

For a few years now I have been semi-trying to think of something fun/creative to do with marker caps,  It always bothered me that the markers my students used just got pitched after awhile and were done.  At the beginning of this school year I was laying in bed thinking that I wanted to make something and wanted to do it now, so the marker caps from this year would be put to a good use.  I had thought of a famous painting done "mosaic" like and then realized you would new a bunch of certain colors and none of other colors.  I didn't want the student to think they should throw away some.....but not others.  So, it hit me.  What more appropriate in an artroom than a HUGE color wheel.  I went to my principal the next morning and asked him If I could hot glue the caps right to the wall and he agreed it would be a great addition.  My principal was a math teach too, so he helped me with the drawing and measuring of the circle.  The kids all hand me caps as soon as they think the markers have no ink, give me some from home, and other art teachers have donated.  This picture was taken in's much further along now, but not finished!

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