Friday, March 18, 2011


I hadn't taught Frank Stella and didn't know much about him.  When Curtis worked in NYC his office building had a huge gorgeous Stella in the lobby.  When we returned to Ohio I decided it was time.  First the students took a black piece of tag board.  I then wrapped newspaper in bubble wrap for a ball about the size of a lemon.  They chose a color of paint and stamped the bubble wrap on the tag board.  Then I cut up white cardboad (copy machine paper boxes) in all different squares, triangles etc. I let the kids go how wild with permanent markers making "non objective" symbols such as lines, circles and dots.  Next I used scrap tag board of all colors and let them use crazy scissors, and hole punches.  I explained to them what a relief sculpture was and the difference between non-objective and objective work.  They glued all their shapes and pieces on the board for some fantastic mini Stellas.  Above you will see the work in the law office in NYC and some in my "office" in Ohio. 

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