Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Clay is not my strongest area.  I think it's an amazing substance but haven't had the time to spend getting to know it that well.  My own work is usually 2D like painting and fabric work.  I try my hardest to find great lessons for students because clay IS their favorite.  It's hard for me to get quality work because the "drying out" element. It's also hard because of putting names or initals on the bottom, and they are often hard to read.  So the loading of the kiln, mixing of classes, glazing and another firing is quite hard for me.  I am not sure who told me but water color works great on fired clay.  So, after you do a project and fire it once, hand it back to the kids and have them water color the bisque pieces.  I then spray them in a clear gloss.  They look fantastic.  I usually do this with a project I know they won't eat off or try to put water in.  Here are some "Aztec" inspired Suns.

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