Sunday, February 5, 2012

Put A Sock in It!

My fifth graders explored the creation of the Sock Monkey.  I have a great friend Kristin Scott, who has a sock monkey business.  She inspired me to try these with my students and as they look nothing as spectacular as hers....they are pretty great.  We used gloves and socks and let the kids imaginations go wild.  LOOK WHAT THEY ALL CAME UP WITH!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Natasha Wescoat Trees---3rd grade

I love the work of young and modern painter Nastasha Wescoat.  Whimsical trees that make me think they should be in the land of Dr. Seuss.  I had to incorporate them into a lesson.  I had the Third Graders choose a season, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.  I then gave them colors of paint and had them paint swirls of color for a background.  We looked at Natasha Wescoat's whimsical trees and painted our trees with her style in mind.  Lastly, we added sequins to make the background shine.